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Registering for the IELTS

IELTS Test Centers and Test Dates

The IELTS, an English language exam managed by the British Council, Cambridge English Language Assessment, and IDP Education, is available throughout the year and around the world. The easiest way to search for test centers and dates is through the IELTS website (www.ielts.org). Clicking on the "Find a test location" link, from the dropdown "Book a Test" menu, will bring up a search page that allows viewing of available test centers by city and country.

Registering for the IELTS

Students register for the IELTS directly with their chosen test center. The process may be completed either online or by sending in a hard copy of the registration form, which is downloaded on the IELTS website. Test-takers will receive written confirmation of their registration.


The registration fee for the IELTS is variable and is not always consistent even within the same country. In the United States, for example, the cost can range from $215-$250 (IELTS fees are charged in the currency for the country in which the exam is taken). Testing in Canada costs approximately $300, while the fee in Germany is €220. For a full list of testing charges, see the IELTS website (viewing individual test centers will display the fees associated with taking the test those locations).

IELTS Registration Policies

Registration must be accompanied by appropriate identification. The only documents that IELTS will accept are passports and national ID cards (passports are mandatory for students testing outside of their native countries). Test-takers may scan and upload their documents if registering online, or send in photocopies if they are signing up via the hard copy registration form. To be admitted to the test center, students must present the same form of identification that they used for registration. Registration information collected by IELTS includes the test-taker's name, address, gender, and date of birth. Students must also answer a series of questions on their educational background, native language, and the purpose of their test.

The IELTS for Disabled Students

Disabled students in need of special accommodations for the IELTS should communicate directly with their chosen test center. Requests for accommodations take between six weeks and three months to process, depending on the specifics of the request. Accommodations are only available for students who are able to provide medical documentation of their disabilities.

Test Day Policies

Students may not have personal belongings in their possession while taking the IELTS. This includes all electronic devices, books, and food (drinks in clear bottles are allowed). Test-takers who do not arrive for their appointment on time will likely not be permitted to take the exam, and students without proper identification (see above) will not be allowed into the test center. Any form of communication with other students while taking the IELTS is prohibited. Violation of IELTS policies will result in penalties ranging from cancellation of scores to bans on future testing.